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Fight against Vandalism with Window Tinting

Fight against Vandalism with Window Tinting

Fight against Vandalism with Window Tinting

Windows are the voice of every commercial building, and they are the first impression of your business. Window vandalism is not only a hassle to clean up, but can be expensive.  Commercial window tinting is an investment that saves thousands each month against vandalism. With window tinting, it is no longer required to change the entire window or piece of glass upon window destruction. This saves the building owner from a huge financial burden and time wasted.


Film technology has vastly improved to protect your business from window vandalism. Most commercial buildings are grouped together in a location that doesn’t include very much foot traffic at night. These buildings are more prone to break in and vandalism due to the poor lighting and blind spots making it easy for vandals to hide.  Choosing the right window film can help reduce the number of broken windows and break-ins.  The film tint layers are bonded together with the window, making them more durable and harder to break through. This also serves as a safety feature because it doesn’t allow the window to shatter resulting in injury.


Any kind of vandalism can be an eyesore. Graffiti is the most common type of window vandalism as it is quick and easy. From spray paint to scratches, Solar Control Window Tinting offers “graffiti-free” tints. This is a cost-effective solution as change the window film is less expensive than a whole new window. There is also a scratch resistant layer that is added on top of the film to protect and prevent scratches from appearing. This protective layer and its carefree maintenance deceive the naked eye. The vandal can see the preliminary defacing, but cannot see the protectant thinking they have inflicted damage. Little do they know it will vanish with a wipe of a household cleaner.


Protect your commercial building against the growing threat of vandalism and break-ins today.  Solar Control Window Tinting can help decrease the cost of vandalism repair. Voted #1 in Indiana, and with over 15 years of experience, Solar Control Window Tinting has an exceptional team ready guide you step by step through the process.  Call or contact us online today for your free quote.


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