3 Top Tips to Shiny Clean Windows
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3 Top Tips to Shiny Clean Windows

3 Top Tips to Shiny Clean Windows

3 Top Tips to Shiny Clean Windows

Window cleaning is a dreaded chore for many. Not only are windows hard to reach making it a tedious task, but maintaining them to be streak free is next to impossible. Water and vinegar are the first sought after solution, not realizing while the vinegar is the same in Grandma’s cleaning recipe, the water may be the problem rather than the solution.

Yes, you just read that correctly, the water is the problem!!  Water is a mineral. It isn’t the same everywhere, in fact, it is a lot more complex than being plain old water. For example, soft, hard and purified water are all types of different mineral levels.  Soft and hard water not helpful for cleaning windows and leaves the annoying streaks and a dingy film behind. Purified water is the best choice for a quality job, but is not cost effective. This is just one of the countless reasons residential and commercial window tinting can cut down on the annoying and costly maintenance needed to maintain non-tinted windows.

Window tinting makes it so much easier to keep your windows shining bright and brilliant. While water isn’t the number one choice for these types either, they still have more easy cleaning options.


  1. Window tinting comes with a special cloth to clean and keep the windows polished. It is usually a version of a soft microfiber towel. This helps buff out unwanted grim or streaks from throughout the day. More importantly, the cloth will bring back its original shine.
  2. Never clean a just WET window. Too often we see window cleaners, cleaning a wet window rather than letting it set before buffing it out. Sure you can use a non-abrasive cleaner to help get those extra tough jobs, but if you want to use a water, make sure you research your water before beginning the job.
  3. They design window tinting for windows to last longer and protect them from dulling. They can customize them to protect against scratches, paint and other types of vandalism that can dull your windows shine. In fact, rather than having to change the whole window upon the worn look you can simply change the film.


Window tinting can change window cleaning into a therapeutic chore rather than a hassle. At Solar Control Window Tinting, our installation team will give you all the tips and advice necessary to make sure your windows stay looking brand new. With over 20 years of experience, our methods have proven to save money by cutting down on maintenance without sacrificing quality. Contact us today for your free estimate.


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