Increase your Business Security with Window Tinting - Solar Control Window Tinting
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Increase your Business Security with Window Tinting

Increase your Business Security with Window Tinting

Windows are key real estate for any commercial location. They are the first impression of your business and are the main view to the building’s design. Commercial windows see more traffic than most residential windows,  as they are specifically used to attract more street traffic through displayed advertisements. This requires them to durable and easy to maintain. 

 Window vandalism can be an annoying and expensive hassle to clean up.  Commercial window tinting is an investment that saves thousands each month against vandalism and is considered a safety precaution. With window tinting, it is no longer required to change the entire window or piece of glass upon window destruction. This saves the building owner from a huge financial burden and time wasted. 

Easy Clean Up

Any kind of vandalism can be an eyesore for your business to endure. Graffiti is the most common type of window vandalism because it is quick and easy to achieve. From spray paint to scratches, Solar Control Window Tinting offers “graffiti-free” tints. This is a cost effective solution. 

Once you have the graffiti-free” tint installed, you will only need to change the film rather than the whole window when encountering any graffiti. And changing the window film is less expensive and time consuming than putting a whole new window. 

This window tint also has a scratch resistant layer added on top of the film to protect and prevent scratches from appearing. The protective layer, and its care free maintenance deceives the naked eye. The vandal can see the preliminary defacing, but cannot see the protectant. Little do they know it will vanish with a spray of a household cleaner.


Window film technology has improved to protect you and your business from window vandalism and break-ins.  

Window tinting can slow down a robbery. The tint itself provides safety reinforcements making the window glass harder to break or penetrate. The film is purposely engineered to hold the glass together making it difficult to get through even if broken. This simple solution decreases the chance of break-ins as robbers will be less likely to hassle with your business.

When broken, the window film layers are bonded together with the window, this serves as a safety feature because it doesn’t allow the window to shatter. Shatterproof windows also help eliminate injuries that are typically involved with those near a broken window and clean up. The window is crumbled together rather than all over the place. 

At Solar Control Window Tinting, we offer several options with our commercial window tinting service. We provide best-in-class expertise, and our technicians come to you to walk you through the process step-by-step. Call or contact us today for a free commercial window tinting quote to increase your business security.