New Construction & Window Tinting - Solar Control Window Tinting
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New Construction & Window Tinting

Solar Control Window- New Construction & Window Tinting

New Construction & Window Tinting

Breaking ground on a new commercial construction site is always an exciting adventure. As the phases of the project are accomplished, one will begin to see the end design. Making the final step of the design process the first priority of the plan, the windows.

Windows are the main view of a building’s design.  Many architects and project managers use window tinting to design a commercial building. While adding style, they rely on the wide selection of tints to improve privacy, security, and cost.

At Solar Control Window Tinting, we understand the impact commercial window tinting has on your daily business. We work with your construction team at ANY phase of the building project. Whether it be a renovation or a new construction project, we are here to help.


Adding tint to the windows during the first phase of construction will offer safety to the staff and windows. The film reinforces the glass by protecting it from drywall, paint and even breaking. With window tinting,  you do not need to sacrifice design beauty to add security features. The durability of tinting films has improved to aid in protecting against bomb blasts, forced entry or natural disasters.


Most commercial properties need privacy, and that IS what provides security. Certain opaques films provide a high level of security that won’t compromise the natural light shining in. This is a will help keep daily business private and employees safe, but not sacrifice their comfort.

Conserve Energy = Save cost

Experienced commercial building owners install tinted windows as a future investment.  Depending on the commercial film chosen, the building’s annual energy bill will drop by 10-20 percent.  The film’s job is to absorb and reflect harmful UV sun rays. Made to still allow the natural light to shine through, but protect and preserve what is inside. The tint helps to maintain a consistent room temperature and providing a higher level of comfort to the workplace. Deflecting the sun’s harmful rays will also preserve the interior design decor from fading quicker.

With over 15 years of experience, our team at Solar Control Window Tinting knows the importance of picking the correct film to fit your business need.  Rated #1 in Indiana, Call or contact us today to get your free estimate.