3 Tips to Maximize a Small Space with Window Tinting
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3 Tips to Maximize a Small Space with Window Tinting

3 Tips to Maximize a Small Space with Window Tinting

3 Tips to Maximize a Small Space with Window Tinting

Are you looking for a creative way to open a small space?! Decorating smaller spaces whether for a home or business can be tricky. The main objective is to fill the space without it feeling overcrowded. You are probably frustrated rearranging staple furniture to fit the room and still create an open feeling. Don’t worry you are in luck. Window tinting is a unique space saving tip that not only increases visual space but increases comforting benefits.

Window tinting is a commonly overlooked design option. Tinting consists of installing a removable window film directly onto the glass.  The tint itself provides key benefits like deflecting heat, protecting your skin and furniture from harmful UV rays, reduces glare and energy consumption. Here are 3 Tips on how window tinting helps in small spaces. 

Bye-Bye Curtains, Blinds or Drapes

Window treatments are basic decor we used to add privacy and security to our homes. We don’t realize those same window treatments add clutter and darkness.  Creating comfort in any space is about increasing privacy and security. However, when decorating small spaces eliminating window treatments helps establish an open floor plan and allows the room to feel bigger than it really is. By adding tint to your windows, you can select a film that won’t allow a visual in while not obstructing your view out. Meaning you can still have natural light while enjoying the same privacy coverage that window treatments provide.


Reduce The Glare

Window tinting reduces the glare and protects against harmful UV sun rays year around. Letting the sunlight in not only gives the illusion that your space is bigger, but doesn’t restrict your furniture placement. This is great for a small office or TV space. Natural light is easier on the eyes and provides a happier environment. By reducing the glare, you won’t have to worry about the sun beaming off a TV or Computer screen.


Conserve Your Space & Money

Window tinting helps you save your pocketbook in more ways than one. First, as mentioned above you won’t need to buy expensive window treatments and accessories. These items fade quickly are only a bandaid to the sun’s harmful rays. They also, don’t protect you or your furniture from the Sun’s wear and tear. Don’t get caught replacing your furniture early. Second, window tinting conserves energy by maintaining the inside temperature versus the outside weather. This will save on your monthly bill and restore comfort.

Solar Control Window Tinting has a variety of films, colors and shapes to fit every small space and budget. With over 15 years of experience, our installation crew will help you achieve the feel and look you want. Call us today and we can help you make the most out of the space you have.