Why Your Furniture Fades—Even in the Winter - Solar Control Window Tinting
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Why Your Furniture Fades—Even in the Winter


Why Your Furniture Fades—Even in the Winter

When it comes to the winter months, many find themselves feeling down or with “cabin fever” as the winter brings fewer hours of sunshine, cold weather, snow and ice. Perhaps, you find yourself opening the curtains wide to soak in the limited rays of sun just to thaw out from scraping ice off of your windshield or trudging through the bitter cold winds. Sunshine seems to become a rare luxury until springtime rolls around.

While the days are shorter and brighter days are fewer and farther in between, you may be surprised to know that your furniture actually fades quicker in the winter—even on overcast days. In fact, 80% of UV rays travel past the clouds, meaning that it doesn’t have to be a bright day in order to be exposed to UV rays. Those rays you are catching in your home are actually fading your furniture. UV rays continue, even on cloudy days, to damage belongings in your home when exposed to UV rays, giving them a washed out, less vibrant appearance.

There are two kinds of UV rays that come from the sun—UVA rays and UVB rays. Glass windows do block out UVB rays. However, UVA rays still come through the glass panes. UVA rays can not only cause furniture damage, but also skin damage and sun spots as well if exposed to too high of levels.

There is a way to leave your curtains open while ensuring you are not getting the harmful rays from the sun. Window tinting is the best way to ensure that your furniture is protected through the winter months.

Window tinting also protects your wood flooring, any fabrics that are exposed to sunlight and artwork as well. There are many options out there when it comes to window tints. Window tints come in a number of colors and are virtually unnoticeable from the inside of the house looking out. There are also tints that block people from looking into your house during the day time, an added security benefit for your belongings.

Window tinting is a cost effective solution that keeps you, your family and your furniture safe through the winter months. Another added benefit of window tinting is lowering the cost of your energy bill. Window tinting helps with insulation in the winter, keeping the warm air in and keeping the cold out.

Protect yourself, your family and your belongings from harmful UV rays by adding window tinting to your home. At Solar Control Window Tinting, we offer a number of options with our residential service. We provide best-in-class expertise, and our technicians come to you to walk you through the process step-by-step. Call or contact us today for a free residential window tinting quote and prepare your home for the winter to come.