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How to Maintain Clean Windows Year Around


How to Maintain Clean Windows Year Around

Many of us think it is pointless to wash our windows during the rainy season resulting in the task being neglected for half of the year. One reason is we make the mistake thinking the rainwater will help clean our windows, since water is what we used to clean them. Two, we don’t want to waste time or the energy polishing windows to shine only to have a rain-spotted view. The truth is, you should keep your windows clean year around however, in reality, you have probably been waiting for NOW to do it.

Window maintenance is a simple yet time-consuming chore. Many of us hate it and would do anything to get out of having to do the task. The hard work versus the reward for window cleaning is dismal once you see fingerprints or raindrops splash across the window pane. Here is a few improvements you can make this spring and summer to help maintain clean windows year around.


Window Tinting

Tinted home windows can help keep your rain spot free. Because you can customize your window tint, you can select a film that doesn’t populate stale raindrop stains. The window film adds protection and security along with maintaining the windows shine. But we will get to that in number three.


Clean your screen

To keep your window shining bright it is essential to keep the window accessories clean.  A screen helps keep all the debris and dust from blowing into your home, so of course, it is dirty.You can’t clean just your window. You must clean the screens to:

                 a.)To have a clear view through your window,

                 b) Keep the window from getting just as dirty as the screen.

While a screens’ sole purpose is to keep things from flying through the window, rainwater can push the dirt off the screen onto the window.


Trim your Environment

Along with cleaning the direct surrounding of your window, you should be aware of the environment around your home. The rain can cause an old tree’s branch and shrubs to break resulting in window damage. At the least, they will throw extra debris from the shrubbery onto your window. We listed window tinting in number 1 because it universally helps provide safety against window damage as well. The film adds an anti-scratch layer while adding a shatterproof reinforcement upon breaking.

Rain can cause various roadblocks to keeping your windows clean, but the best way to maintain them is to get ahead of the problem in drier seasons. Now is the time for window tinting season.  Adding window tinting to your home windows will help cut the maintenance time to keep your windows shiny during all seasons. Don’t wait until next winter to deal with dirty windows. Come visit Solar Control Window Tinting online and talk to a window tinting expert!