Increase your home security with Window Tinting - Solar Control Window Tinting
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Increase your home security with Window Tinting


Increase your home security with Window Tinting

Window Tinting can protect your family and home against more than the sun’s harmful rays. With over 2 million robberies a year in the US, home security is a top priority for many homeowners. Extra security is their initial focus to help maintain a higher level of privacy and peace of mind.

Many homeowners start their security plan by installing cameras and alarm systems. The camera captures the act in progress, and the alarm alerts the police and tries to scare the robber. These methods are helpful during and after a burglary, yet do not help prevent the crime. Best practice is to start with a preventative method.


Because your windows are a mirror to your daily life, window tinting is a preventative method to increase home security.  It is important to understand what makes a robber pick one home versus the other. Robbers are invited to your home by what they see and lured in by the want of your items.  They “case” a residence to identify your routine and assess the risks and challenges they must overcome to accomplish the job. The tint adds next level privacy giving you the ability to see out while others cannot see in. It takes away the entire visual to attract the robber. What will they want, if they can’t see it?


Things must run smooth and easy in order for the robber to have the best chance at not getting caught. Window tinting can slowdown the robbery. The tint itself provides safety reinforcements making the window glass harder to break or penetrate.The film is purposely engineered to hold the glass together making it difficult to get through even if broken. This simple solution decreases the chance of break-ins as robbers will be less likely to hassle with your home.

At Solar Control Window Tinting, we offer several options with our residential service. We provide best-in-class expertise, and our technicians come to you to walk you through the process step-by-step. Call or contact us today for a free residential window tinting quote to increase your home security.