Prepare your Home for a Storm with Window Tinting
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Prepare your Home for a Storm with Window Tinting

Prepare your Home for a Storm with Window Tinting

Prepare your Home for a Storm with Window Tinting

Many homeowners this time of year gear up to prepare their homes for the storms ahead. Whether your weather forecast calls for tornadoes, hurricanes, blizzards, floods or wildfires, it is important to prepare to keep your family and home safe.

Emergency bags, evacuation plans, and weather forecast help to make sure your personal safety in stormy seasons or situations. However, preparing your home for a storm far exceeds the basic essentials needed. Once the storm hits, it can happen quicker than we like to imagine. Preparation is key to safety and securing your home. While homeowners cannot control mother nature, we can try to prevent damage as much as possible.

Let start with the tips to prepare the exterior.
  1. Prune the trees and shrubs around the house. High winds can cause debris to fall into your home and cause a lot of damages. By cutting the dead or dying shrubs and branches, it will help eliminate extra damage and debris. It is best to hire a professional if you are unsure how this is done.
  2. After the fall, we have a lot of clogged gutters and drains from the leaves. Cleaning of water drainages should be done before winter. The last thing you want is the freezing of water to in your water pipes. It can cause serious damage.
  3. Window Tinting is a great solution to reinforce your windows. The window film provides a protective and safety coating to the window itself. In fact, during high winds, the residential window film can prevent physical damage but keep the winds from penetrating to cause structural damage. The window film will hold the glass together when shattered. This will prevent injuries from the inside and out. Upon breaking from debris, the home window film reacts more like a car window binding the shards together. Window shutters are another great feature to protect your window films from being penetrated.


At Solar Control, our window tinting installation will help prepare your home windows for the stormy months ahead. With over 15 years of experience in the Indianapolis area, Solar Control offers first-hand professional advice on how to protect your home in the winter months ahead. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

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