The Pros and Cons of Home Window Tinting
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The Pros and Cons of Home Window Tinting

The Pros and Cons of Home Window Tinting

The Pros and Cons of Home Window Tinting

Spring has begun, and the cleaning has sprung. Spring is the first sight of warmer weather after the cold and stormy winter months. The weather is now clear enough to clean and air out our homes. It is also time to make home repairs and renovations before the hot summer months appear. Window tinting should be one of the top priorities on your honey-do list this Spring.

Many homeowners use the Spring months to install or update their window films. Home window tinting is essential for many reasons. Window tinting your home saves money, adds value and is energy efficient. If you don’t have your home windows tinting, don’t worry it is not too late. The first step in the process is to research. Here are the pros and cons for window tinting your home from Solar Control Window Tinting.


Pros to Window Tinting Your Home


  • Save on Energy Bills – Window tinting your home windows can save you up to 30% on your monthly electricity bill. The window tinting film maintains a comfortable inside temperature without constantly running your heating or AC unit.
  • Add Privacy to Your Home-  Many of us keep our curtains closed to keep outsiders from looking and lurking in. Window tinting adds the same security as curtains if not better.  You can choose the opacity of your window films. The opacity prevents people from being able to look in, but will not obstruct your view out.
  • Improve Your Home Security- Adding a Safety film to your home’s windows is a must. Safety films minimize the window’s ability to shatter the window in the event the glass is damaged.  The safety film will hold the broken glass together under some of the most extreme conditions.
  • Protect Against Harmful UV RaysKeep your windows open through every season and enjoy nature indoors. With the hot summer months approaching, Window tinting will keep the hot sun out. Tinting your home windows not only helps keep the heat down but also keeps the sun’s harmful UV rays out. Keep the UV rays at bay, protects your family from potential health risk and maintains the vibrancy of your interior design.


Cons to Home Window Tinting


  • Not Getting it done Soon Enough- Many homeowners procrastinate installing home window tinting because the process can be overwhelming. While being able to custom create your window films is a pro, the overwhelming choice of which film is right for you can be a con. Don’t let this stand in your way of enjoying all the perks window tinting has to offer.


When choosing your film, let your window tinting specialist know your main priorities for tinting your home windows. This is important to discuss your wants and needs for home window tinting to satisfy your expectations. Experience matters when it comes to tinting your home windows. Solar Control Window Tinting has over 15 years servicing the Indiana area. Our Expert installation team won’t leave any detail behind and keep you updated every step of the process. Call us or visit us online today.