Start this New Year Off Right with Window Tinting- Auto, Home & Commercial
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Start this New Year Off Right with Window Tinting- Auto, Home & Commercial

Start this New Year Off Right with Window Tinting- Auto, Home & Commercial

Start this New Year Off Right with Window Tinting- Auto, Home & Commercial


Starting the New Year off right and get started on your resolutions early. Nothing is better than starting a new year with a new slate, and that includes your environment. Upgrading your environment with positive changes can help you stay focused and motivated throughout the year. This year upgrade with window tinting. Whether it be your car, home or business, window tinting can add positive changes to your daily environment.


Window tinting is more than just adding a cosmetic touch. It is less about looks and more about your comfort. Window tint can add privacy, safety, and a clear view altogether in one. It automatically upgrades your style.  Let’s take at some of their additional benefits.



Adding auto window tinting is a great upgrade to any vehicle. The film completes the car’s look no matter year, make or model. Window tinting for your car is a justified cost as it adds safety and protection to you and your passengers. Window tinting adds a shatterproof layer to your window protecting you in the event of an accident. The film also adds security and privacy to your vehicle detouring theft. What they can’t see inside they won’t want to take.  Remember the level of opacity depends on preference and laws in your current state.



Open your home. Don’t feel obligated to close the blinds and shutters during different sunny or drafty seasons.  Residential window tinting protects from the sun’s harmful UV rays and helps maintain a comfortable inside temperature year around. It allows you to open your home while keeping your privacy. Adding window tint won’t obstruct or taint your view out, but can restrict the view in. Safety film layers also help in the event of a natural disaster. Window tinting is another way to connect with nature from the inside of your home.



Use window tinting to brand your business. Changing your curbside appeal will not only brighten your day but passing by traffic. The new look will attract the right attention from prospective clients. Commercial window tinting is a great way to promote your brand from all visual angles. Installing window tinting is an investment that will also help you save money as much as it can help you make it. Window tinting adds energy efficiency. The films provide inside comfort by helping to maintain the inside temperature while keeping the outside temperature out.


Solar Control Window Tinting can help you change your environment this new year. We have over 15 years of experience in auto, home and commercial window tinting in the Indiana area. Visit us today!!