Window Tinting or Solar Screens: Lowering My Cooling Cost - Solar Control Window Tinting
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Window Tinting or Solar Screens: Lowering My Cooling Cost

Window Tinting or Solar Screens: Lowering My Cooling Cost

Window Tinting or Solar Screens: Lowering My Cooling Cost

Solar screens and Tinted windows are both very effective solutions to fighting against solar heat.  It is not a secret that being energy efficient during the hot summer seasons can be challenging. With triple-digit rays beaming in almost half of the day, many fight similar battles trying to keep cool and comfortable. Cooling cost for a home and business can add up to a pretty hefty bill each month. Leaving them frantically questioning which upgrades are enough to sustain the low energy bill and their budget.

One major difference between solar screens and tinted windows is tinted window are applied directly to the window while the solar screens provide shade for the window.

Solar Screens

Solar screens are a special screen standardly manufactured from screen mesh. Often the polyester weave is commonly coated with heavy duty PVC coating to give it the extra layer protectant. Solar screens block out the majority of the light and visibility. They are nearly almost opaque from the inside out. The solar screens prove to be high maintenance as well. Window cleaning already a tedious task, but solar screens make it that much more dreaded. While this may seem like a very cost effective in the beginning, it can lead to a bigger dent in your pocketbook.

Tinted Windows

Tinted windows are films that are directly applied onto your window. They can help protect your residence or commercial building from over 90% of the ultraviolet rays while maintaining 100% visibility. They are not only easy to clean, but also provide a sealant to protect against scratches and dullness. Window tints are fully customizable to the style and level of opaque from outside you wish to have. The film applied to the windows is specially engineered to ensure the window lasts longer. Protecting the glass against shattering, and are easily replaceable. Window tinting may cost more int he beginning but is an investment. With window tinting, you may also be eligible for certain rebates through your local energy companies.

While both methods are effective, solar screens prove to be a quick fix. Your solution is based on your needs. At Solar Control Window Tinting, we listen to see how we can help. Our teams of experts have over 20 years of experience and on standby to answer any questions you may have before getting started. Contact us today!